What to Study along with B.Com

After a massive growth of the Commerce Industry in the past few years the competition among the students opting for commerce has also shown significant growth, and for the students going for simple graduation like B.Com will not help them with their future. In the period of three years of their graduation the students should build up their profile as much as they can, and for this, the students can go for internships, summer schools or professional courses and diploma courses, and can decide what to study along with B.Com. Internships and Summer schools can add up to your CV and will provide you with a new kind of experience and exposure.

Professional Courses

Some of the best available options for the students going for professional courses are:


Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, a UK based organization providing accountancy qualification across the globe. This course is valid in over 180 countries and has over 188000 members. We teach ACCA as an integrated course along with graduation as B.Com (Hons) in International Accounting. To become a Certified Chartered Accountant you have to clear 14 papers divided into 2 levels. The first level is the Foundation level which comprises 9 papers. The second level is the professional level which has 5 papers. alongside the exams, you have to complete a 36 month of Practical Experience requirement (PER) also. After completing ACCA a student may receive an annual salary of 8 to 10 lakhs. You can apply for the following degrees during the 3-year course, after completing the exams and certain guidelines provided by ACCA UK-

  • Diploma in Accounting and Business (On completing F1-F3 and Professional ethics module)
  • B.Sc in Applied Accounting (On completing F4-F9 and writing a dissertation)
  • M.Sc in Professional Accounting (After completing all the 14 exams)
  • Students who have completed 12th from Commerce stream (pass in 5 subjects including English and Mathematics/ Accountancy, the mark of 65% in at least 2 subjects and over 50% in the others)
Perks of Studying ACCA with us
  • Exemption of first 7 papers
  • One does not have to join other institutions for doing their graduation
  • Students can complete their PER along with their graduation only which many colleges in India do not provide.



Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, is a professional association of accountants in the UK and Ireland providing qualifications in management accounting. It is the largest management accounting body that has over 650.000 members. CIMA has its students in over 179 countries and also gives signing authority in over 70 countries. No group-based exams and the pass percentage is 40-50% for Indian students currently.

CIMA has its tie-up with the CWA (Cost and Work Accountants) Institute of India. If you wish to pursue CIMA in India then the best option is to go CWA and then appear for 4 more papers to get the CIMA qualification. A student may receive an annual salary of 5-6 lakhs after completing CIMA. The fees for pursuing CIMA is around 2 lakhs + tuition cost


There are no proper eligibility criteria for CIMA, anyone can join and by training with CIMA you can bypass the university and head straight for the world of business.


Actuarial Science

It is a course that teaches the mathematical and scientific methods to assess the risk in insurance, finance and other sectors and professions. A number of universities around the globe are also offering graduate and postgraduate courses in Actuarial science. To become an Actuarial one has to complete 15 papers split into 4 levels out of which the first level consists of 9 papers.

The duration for this course is typically 8-9 years and only about 200 actuaries exist in India. To save costs you can move to the UK after completing the first level. You can get an annual salary of 60-70 lakhs after completing the whole course. If you wish to drop the idea of doing the course after completing the first 8 papers then also you can end up having a job of 6-7 lakhs p.a.


85% plus in 12th standard in maths (compulsory). The selection is through 4 levels of test and one eligibility exam- ACET.

Diploma Courses



Certified Financial Planner provides a professional certification course for financial planners conferred by the CFP Board, USA. This course is recognized in around 24 countries across the globe and is supported, promoted and preferred by the organization of BFSI Industries. CFP is Rated as “One of the Best Job” by the US, News and world Reporter,2012 and also as Gold Standard by Wall Street Journal.

The duration of this course is 1 year, 4 exams of 2 hours each. A student after completing the course may get a salary of around 4 lakhs p.a. Training provider for CFP in India are ICICI Bank- Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai, The fees for this course is around Rs.40,000.


There are no such eligibility criteria for doing this course one can do it just after completing their 12th standard.


Digital Marketing and Web designing

Digital Marketing is a term used for the marketing of products through a digital platform like the internet, mobile phones. There are many things to be considered in digital marketing like S.E.O management, social media marketing and content development.

Web Designing is the development of skills and disciplines for developing and maintaining websites. There are a lot of different areas to be taken into consideration while you are learning web designing like graphic designing, interface designing, including standardized code, proprietary software and user experience design.


Short Courses by NSE

NCFM, a Certification in Financial Markets by NSE Academy, to develop skills and knowledge to operate in financial markets. It is an online testing and certification program that offers a  range of modules covering different areas related to financial markets.

NSE Academy’s Certified Capital Market Professional (NCCMP), and aims to develop skills and competencies for people working in the securities market, It is a 100  hours program split into 3-4 months. It covers an area of knowledge related to capital markets.

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