Job v/s Startup – choosing one

  1. You get new tasks to learn from

It always comes down to classic job hunts and career development. If we think for a large corporate house, regardless of the field, most entry-level jobs look pretty similar: an associate or associate level title, a manager who knows exactly what you’re working on, and consistent, predictable, often repetitive work- tasks that closely resemble the bullet points on the job description.

  1. Freedom of workspace

Here, we are talking about is working for others to working on your own. Creativity and workspace are usually neglected while you are OWNED by some multinationals but what stays new and refreshing while you work on a start-up is your creative workspace. Constant and long working hours which force you to stick to your desks are removed by startups that need your constant movement and attention. 

  1. Changing responsibilities

The biggest difference between a job and a start-up is that your responsibilities constantly change when you work in a startup. The responsibilities of an employee remain the same till the time he sulks at his fixed cubicles. At a large corporation, you might do the same set of tasks for several years, until someone above you retires or gets a promotion. At a startup, your role and responsibilities will evolve frequently, even multiple times a year. That means your skill set will grow over your career and not be stagnant from what you started. 

  1. Opportunities to Experiment

The major thing that jobs doesn’t provide an individual is the opportunity to experiment. Identifying and solving those problems play an interesting mechanism in developing a skill set in a professional career. A start-up provides will all those skill development platforms to work upon.

Pic Credit Veneflas

  1. Skill Development

Though start-up provides an environment to develop skills, it may make you stand in between storms of challenges and instability. The risks involved in a start-up, jump higher and higher, frequently. Managing the ever-changing dynamic world isn’t as easy as it seems so. Jobs provide security and the challenges change from storms to air. It is easy to handle the responsibilities towards a job than that of a start-up. The liability of an employee towards its corporation is limited which turns unlimited for the one who owns a start-up.

 Both, having the same advantages and disadvantages, still prove to be the major career opportunity for an individual to be bigger than what he is at present. The hard work, efforts, and zeal one can be exceptional careers for a healthy future.


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