Myths related to B.Com

As soon as you complete your 12th board exams. The next thing that starts bothering you and your life is the ever-present questions like “What course am I going to opt for in my graduation?” etc. Here are some Myths related to B.Com which are not just true and the truth behind them.


Say you’ve decided to join the world of commerce and you’re preparing for undergraduate admissions for B. Com. You might have probably come across many myths and doubts you must have heard from your friends, family and relatives and wanted some clarity regarding same. Let’s see what all are these myths and what’s the reality. Have a look:

Myth 1: You are going to be a CA

Reality: Being a CA is one of the paths that can be chosen after B. Com degree but not the only one.

People always think of doing B. Com will lead students to aspire CA (Chartered Accountant) since accounting is one of the major subjects taught in this degree. yes B. Com can be helpful while preparing for CA but B. Com is not the only way to become CA. There are so much more things that can be done after post-graduation which doesn’t mean only CA.

Myth 2: You must have been planning to start a business 

Reality: B. Com surely teaches about business and finance but everyone does not need to aspire to be an entrepreneur.

Students do get a good knowledge of business and finance which will help them a lot to set up a business in future but not every student thinks the same way. Every student has different opinions and different dreams. Most of the people think that B. Com has something to do with CA and entrepreneurship. Well, the answer is NO. It’s wrong to associate this degree with limited career options because it confuses and misguides students.

Myth 3: It is the same what you learn in commerce in 11th and 12th grades.

Reality: No not. Yes, the base of the degree is what you have been taught earlier but there is so much more than just this.

Schools always prepare students for courses they are going to opt-in future but they don’t teach everything. The syllabus and lessons introduced are a lot more defined during graduation. A lot of new subjects, areas and topics are taught. Having commerce in school surely helps students while doing B. Com but it doesn’t prepare you completely for all the new concepts.

Myth 4: You will earn a lot.

Reality: It completely depends on what job you go for and what position you are at.

This is one of the biggest myths about B. Com. Well yes B. Com does give students a lot of knowledge regarding finance, economics, statistics, etc. But it does not guarantee you a high paying job as soon as you step out of the college. It might be a little less in beginning but surely a good package as the time passes by. The student might bag a great package in beginning. It completely depends on a student’s abilities and performance.

Myth 5: The next step is always either M. Com or MBA

Reality: NO! just like a previous myth. Students can opt for several degrees after graduation.

This is one of the most popular myths related to B.Com. Mostly it’s considered that MBA or M.Com are the only paths students must opt for after graduation. Well both the degrees are commerce-related that advance your prior knowledge but they are not the only options. There are several options students can choose for their postgraduate degree and it does not have to be related to commerce.


It is very important to do proper research regarding any stream you opt for. Your careers are an important aspect of your life and you should never believe in rumors or myths related to B.Com or any other degree/courses you hear from people. B. Com is a great stream for all those who are interested in it. Hope your myths and doubts are clarified now. You can also refer to the links below for more details about Myths related to B.Com and the truth behind them as per the Expert’s point of view.

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