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About MBA in International Finance

MBA in International Finance is a post-graduate course that train students in the key concepts of finance management on a global or international scale. The duration of the MBA in International finance course is 2 years and during this time, a student gains the necessary theoretical skills as well as experiential knowledge required when operating in a finance environment.

This post graduate degree provides you with a solid management education that includes a detailed analysis of the business and financial environments, as well as in-depth knowledge of markets, products, and investments. The curriculum equips you with practical tools and improves your analytical, negotiation, and strategy skills. You will develop as a professional who can think creatively, analyse investments, measure risks, negotiate, develop innovative strategies, and achieve top performance.

Why choose MBA in International Finance?

It is one of the best course in India that integrates2 years compulsory practical training into the curriculum. Also, Out of 13 papers of ACCA, GCEC has received 9 Paper exemptions and the course is structured according to the ACCA guidelines.

100% Internship placements every semester along with GCEC recommendations and support to pursue international internships and summer programmes outside India. We produce the best results in ACCA. Our students have bagged top ranks in India including AIR-1 and AIR-2 in some subjects. We have 80% pass rates in all papers.

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Program Structure

Course Duration: Masters of Business Administration [MBA] (International Finance) is 2 Years.
Minimum Percentage Required: 50% in UG from a recognized board.
MBA International Finance Employment Offerings
Average Salary: MBA International Finance in India earns INR 6L-12L per annum
GCEC students has been offered an average salary package of INR 4,00,000 with the highest package being INR 12,00,000
Employment Roles: Management Accountant Professional, Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Tax Specialist, Professional Auditor, Corporate Treasurer, Forensic Accountant, Financial Accountant
Start their own Business – Most of the students from GCEC College start their own business. From 1st year of college students start to consider gaining experience before starting the business, whether that be through volunteer work, apprenticeship, internship, or general work experience.
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)- For those looking to pursue a career in academia, then a PhD is an essential qualification which will allow them to both continue their research, and to teach University students.

Other Advance Course’s in the Field of Finance:
Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
NCFM Certifications
Company Secretary (CS)
FLIP Certifications
Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst
Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst
Certificate in Quantitative Finance
MBA International Finance Selection Process
Selection for the two-year post-graduate International Finance programme will be based on grades in their under-graduation degree, followed by individual results in the following enrolment rounds.
Case Study Test: Students would be given a business-oriented case study which they would be required to solve within a given time.
Personal Interview: An interview would be conducted by our team and the student must be present for it at the allocated date and time.
MBA International Finance Course Fee Structure
REGISTRATION FEES: Rs. 3,000/- (Fees for Application & Entrance Process (non-refundable)
TUITION FEES: Rs. 60,000/- per semester (Payable every Semester in Advance)
EXAM FEES: Rs. 2,500/- per semester (Payable every Semester in Advance)
ALUMNI & DEGREE FEES: Rs. 3,000/- (Payable only once at the Time of Admission – refundable)
SECURITY DEPOSIT: Rs. 7,500/- (Payable only once at the Time of Admission – refundable)
MBA (International Finance) Career & Job Prospects
After completing this course, students will be able to following line of career:
Finance & consulting sectors, Banking Sectors, Insurance, Public Sector, Business Management, Hospitality & management.
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