5 Tips To Sail Through Your ACCA Exams In Pandemic

From regular study sessions to learning indigenous techniques, you need to plan to ace your upcoming ACCA exams. Conventional exam ACCA Exam Preparation methods might not work in this pandemic. Thus, pushing your boundaries to overcome the fear of upcoming exams and being focused can make wonders. It’s very important to keep yourself together and stay positive. Set everything aside and be determined towards your studies. It solely depends on you how you utilize time to get the best out of it. To help you out with this, we have gathered some useful tips to assist you better with your preparations:

ACCA Exam Preparation Tips

  1. Set your study schedule:

Try to match your preparation pathway with your syllabus that you need to cover well before the exam. Schedule your preparations in such a way that you have an ample amount of time for revisions. Try adapting the changes happening due to Covid-19 and accept it as a “new normal” to adjust to the situation as soon as possible. In case you fail to follow your schedule, don’t panic. Give yourself some time. Try to coping up with the pace and being regular.

  1. Clarify each topic:

Having enough knowledge about anything is not sufficient unless you know how to apply that knowledge effectively. For this, you need to know the underlying concepts to build a strong foundation for every topic in your mind. Try not to avoid any topic whether you like it or not, seek help from your teachers and peers to make sure that you’re well prepared. Use techniques that your teachers or friends have been using to avoid mistakes or errors because they might have.

  1. Analyze the past papers:

The most important tip to ace your ACCA exam Preparation with exceptional grades is to master the exam technique by working through the past papers. You should analyze your answers and compare them with the answer key. It will help you identify your weak points as only good knowledge is not enough to crack good marks. Appear for last year’s papers, set the time, and no unfair means if you want to know about your weak and strong points. Answer all the questions accurately and get your papers marked by your teachers or friends. This will help you boost your confidence.



  1. Stay calm and pick up the pace:

Keeping yourself calm and composed can be intimidating because of Covid-19 adversities are increasing day by day. It’s tough to focus on your studies in this pandemic but I suggest you plan and start preparing for your exam today. Try figuring out your goals and start dividing them into smaller and realistic ones. Making up a strategy and implementing it definitely will boost your positivity and will keep you motivated throughout. Break down your whole syllabus which will help you grasp every single concept.

  1. Don’t overburden yourself:

In this pandemic, everyone has restricted themselves from social life and is bound to stay at home. Thus, it is better to plan some fun activities with your family or spare some time watching some movies or play games, this will help you reduces your stress. Overburdening and stressing will not help you. Doing every task or target with a fresh mind and positivity can only help you to get through this. If you’re also doing an internship side by side, then you should limit the number of papers per sitting to ensure that you will pass all of them. Set realistic timelines and give yourself treats to stay motivated.




ACCA Exam Preparation Tips can be unnerving in this situation but time implementation and proper planning can be your weapons. It will be beneficial for you if you start preparing from this moment and start avoiding procrastination. ACCA is not an easy exam to appear for but if you work hard for it and giving it your time then definitely, results will be in your favor. All these tips will help you throughout your ACCA Exam Preparation period.

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